i am going to make everything around me beautiful,

that will be my life.

i have designed and managed projects for the past fourteen years, working predominately within the fashion, food and interior design industries. i cant go a moment in life without thinking creatively, it is the way that i communicate with the world. i am intrigued by people and what makes them unique, finding inspiration in their own personal stories. i love working across varied mediums and assignments, achieving visual consistency across entire projects. 



in recent years my personal aesthetic and approach to design has taken a new direction. i have been drawn to the beauty, simplicity and sustainable qualities of raw materials and processes. this shift has influenced my work to become more organic and minimal in approach, intentionally highlighting the handmade elements. i aspire to continue working with as many sustainable practices as possible, with the mindset of creating for a better future. 


jessica marie barr

storiebook | founder and designer 


storiebook founder and designer